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Welcome to the Roles Page Project

Click on the links below to learn more about each of Colin's movies and television.
This page and all the links are a special group effort.
Members of The Friends of Firth have worked together to bring you this information.
Come back often and refresh or reload, as this site is a work in progress.

Another Country
Dutch Girls
Lost Empires
A Month in the Country
The Secret Garden
Apartment Zero - to come
Wings of Fame
Tumbledown - to come
Valmont - to come
The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd
Out of the Blue
Femme Fatale - to come
Hour of the Pig (The Advocate)
Master of the Moor - to come
The Deep Blue Sea
Pride & Prejudice - to come
Circle of Friends
The English Patient
Fever Pitch
A Thousand Acres - to come
The Secret Laughter of Women
Shakespeare in Love
My Life So Far
Three days of Rain - to come
Donovan Quick
Blackadder Back and Forth
link to Blackadder page
The Turn of The Screw - to come
Relative Values - to come
Londonium-to come
Bridget Jones's Diary
The Importance of Being Ernest -to come
What a Girl Wants
Love Actually
Girl With a Pearl Earring
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason - to come

Project Participants
Project Coordinator -- Meluchie
Project Coordinator Emeratus -- Janet
Dutch Girls -- Lisa; Another Country -- Anne (text); A Month in the Country -- Chris (text); Apartment Zero -- (open) ; Valmont -- (open); Tumbledown -- (open); Femme Fatale -- Marilyn F.; Hostages -- Chris (text); Pride & Prejudice -- (open); Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd -- Marilyn F.; Master of the Moor -- (open); Circle of Friends -- Mickie (text); Wings of Fame -- Sandra & Francoise; Nostromo -- Mid (text); Fever Pitch -- Mari (text); A Thousand Acres -- (open); Advocate (Hour of the Pig) -- Sharon; The English Patient -- Murph -- Three Days of Rain (open) Blackadder Back and Forth (open) -- Turn of the Screw (open) -- Relative Values (open) -- Importance of Being Ernest (open) -- Londonium (open) -- Donovan Quick (open)
Bridget Jones's Diary, What a Girl Wants, Love Actually, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Trauma (meluchie)
gif animation by -Murph
HTML work where needed -- Meluchie
Sound files on Marilyn's Web Pages by Robin

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