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The English Patient Book Page

I am proud to be an associate of Amazon Books.
Now that the Friends of Firth have begun the project that focuses on the roles and the films Colin has done,
I thought it would be fun to offer, through my web site, books that are connected to those roles -- directly or indirectly.

Below are some ideas to get you started. If you decide to order, then click on a title. You will go
directly to Amazon books. You may also search for a title of your choice. (See bottom of page).

Updated July 26, 1998

HINT: If you search for "Colin Firth" at the bottom of page, you will get a decent selection of his videos.

About and Around The English Patient...

 Order The Seven Pillars of Wisdom Today

TE Lawrence's classic autobiography -- his childhood, and the years in the African desert. If you thought the movie Lawrence of Arabia was exciting, read the book that started it all.

Order The English Patient Screenplay

Read all of Colin's lines and picture him saying them


Order The English Patient DVD

See The English Patient in the clear and crisp view of DVD

The Arab Bureau

By Bruce Westrate

The History of the English Government's rule in Egypt

The Names of Things: A Passage in the Egyptian Desert

By Susan Brind Morrow

Meditations on a trip into the desert

 Personal Landscapes: British Poets in Egypt During The Second World War

by Jonathan Bolton

 Sayings of the Desert Fathers

Cistercian Studies

The wisdom of the ancient desert hermits

  Alexandria: The Sunken City

William L. Riche

A pictorial and historical journey to Alexandria

  City of Gold

Len Deighton

Paperback reprint of a thriller set in Cairo in WW2

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