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Life is Beautiful/Newspaper Reviews
Cannes: Life is Beautiful wins the Jury's Grand Prize
War finds touching base of humor in 'Life is Beautiful'
Italian review of La Vita E Bella
No Laughing Matter? Roberto Benigni's 'beautiful' Holocaust
Capsule review 1
Capsule review 2
E! Review
Roger Ebert's review
Entertainment Weekly
Kinderspiel im Konzentrationslager Kontroverse um einen Film von Roberto Benigni
Film and filmmaker insists that `Life Is Beautiful' review 1 review 2
Surviving the Holocaust: 'Beautiful' thing indeed
'Life' enfolds hate in beautiful lie
The Worcester Phoenix review
Capsule review 3 Movie Finder
Capsule review 4
Chicago Reader review
Washington City Paper
A Film Review by James Berardinelli
Denver Post review
Capsule review 5
Defending Your Life Some critics are missing the point about the Holocaust tragicomedy Life Is Beautiful
Michael A. Maynez   Merry-Go-Round
'Life's' whimsical portrayal of the Holocaust is insulting
Robert Benigni uses laughter to fight the horrors of the Holocaust.
The Boston Phoenix
Tucson Weekly
Nashville Scene
N-zone review
Weekly Alibi
Capsule review 6
'Life's' Surprisingly Graceful Turn Washington Post
No Laughing Matter Benigni film tackles the horros of the Holocaust
Capsule review 7
Jewish Federation's Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust Benefit
Italian comic draws beauty from Holocaust's horror
Life is Beautiful Review by Elias Savada
Salon reveiw
It's a Beautiful Life Italian comic Roberto Benigni makes love and laughter come alive in a Nazi concentration camp
Tucson Weekly
'Life Is Beautiful' is a triumph
Benigni Is Beautiful With Life Is Beautiful, a new generation's Chaplin unveils his masterpiece
Benigni article in People Magazine
Oscar interview and acceptance speeches
Some Post Oscar articles


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