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Graphics from the Official Fever Pitch site now removed by Channel 4

From Pheadra Cinema;

"We are currently planning to release the film (Fever Pitch) on July 9th (1999).  As such, we have not yet finalized our plans for release for the film, but our current aims are to release in New York and LA on that date initially with expansion to other  major markets in the two to three months that follow.  Major markets will be most of the top 50 markets in the country including San Franciso, Chicago, Denver, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle and Washington D.C.  We will probably have more concrete information on the release available by mid-June. "

 Actual size photos - from the Official Fever Pitch site

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Photos courtesy of Excite


 Guardian 12 June 1996  Guardian 12 June 1996 
EmpireJune 1996
Vogue UK Aug 1996
Arena Feb 1997


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Press material for Fever Pitch   Black & white pictures from Fever Pitch screenplay
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