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Starring Colin Firth As Paul Ashworth

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 Title Fever Pitch

Year: 1997

Running time: Approximately 6 hours

Rated:  PG 

Colin's character:
Paul Ashworth

Claudio Amendola (Nostromo) -- Albert Finney (Doctor Monygham) -- Fernando Hilbeck (Don Jose Avellanos) Ruth Gabriel (Antonia Avellanos) Brian Dennehy (Joshua C. Holroyd)

Director: Fernando Ghia

Producers: Mario E. Sanches, Executive Producer; Michael Wearing, Producer

Screenplay: John Hale, Director: Alastair Reid

Music: Ennio Morricone

Released by:



Rating System

***** Superb/breathtaking/heartstopping/etc
**** Excellent
*** Very pleasing
** Still lovely, but . . .
* Bad hair day

Personal Ratings:

***** Colin's looks
***** Colin's acting ability
**** The film in general
**** Ranking in the films of Colin Firth
***** Watchability & rewind factor

To come: Friends of Firth "Fever Pitch" ratings


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